Alberta on-line Business Directory FAQ's

What is the yearly Alberta On-Line membership fee?


Self Serve Directory Listing with web page Per month Works out to:    
12 month - $120.00 $10.00 per month
24 month - $168.00 $7.00 per month
36 month - $180.00 $5.00 per month

 Value Package! 

We can tailor a Full Service Value Package that suits your business needs & multiplies the effectiveness of your current marketing efforts.

It’s easy - contact us for details:  or call 403-352-1371

We connect it seamlessly with your existing online presence to give your business 3 additional points of contact with your customers!


Charities and Non Profits are always FREE!  Contact us to find out details


How do I become an Alberta On-Line upgraded member?

It’s easy.  

Once you’ve become a basic (Visitor) member, go to “My Account” Choose “Dashboard”. (For info on becoming a basic (visitor) member see FAQ's for Visitor)

From your dashboard go to “Membership Info” and click the link “would you like to upgrade your account”.  

This takes you to the “Become an Exclusive Member” page. 

Scroll to the bottom and click “Upgrade Today”. 

This will take you to the “Member Sign Up” page.  (Note: for security reasons there is a 30 minute time limit and then your session will time out. Remember to save before this happens)


Member sign up page - Fill in the required content: 

  • Business information
  • Contact Info
  • Membership length - choose 12, 24 or 36 months. 
  • Categories - You’re allowed to pick 5 (If there is a classification you would like us to add to our site let us know! (
  • Key words - These help your customers find you more effectively through the search option
  • Social media - Add any links for your social media accounts *You will need to copy and paste the actual URL from your social media page* your user name eg: @myname won't work.

Once you hit “Save” it will take you to the “payment” page. 

Enter the “Referral Code” if you have one and/or a “Discount/Promo Code” if you have one. Choose “save” and your account is upgraded.

 Proceed to “payment”.  Go through the Paypal payment options. Choose “save” and your account is upgraded.


How do I choose, create or edit my Alberta On-Line membership page?

Go to “My Account” and choose “Edit Template”.

This will take you to “Template Management”.  Chose one of the 3 basic templates or choose “Advanced Templates”. Once you've chosen your template scroll down and begin editing.  (Note: for security reasons there is a 30 minute time limit and then your session will time out. Remember to save before this happens)


How do I upload or edit my photos and comments?

(Note: for security reasons there is a 30 minute time limit and then your session will time out. Remember to save before this happens)

Go to “My Account” and choose “Edit Template”.

Scroll down to add your text and images.

For images click on button that says “Add image”.  A box titled “CKFinder 3” will appear. 

*If this error comes up go into your browser's privacy settings and choose "Allow from websites I visit" 



Choose “Upload” to choose where you get your image from.  Once you have uploaded the image, click on the image. Then click on either “choose”, “choose resized” or “edit” to get the desired image size, cropping or filter.  

Once you have chosen your image it will take you back to “Template management”.  

Add your text in the box (or boxes) provided.  

Scroll to bottom of page and save changes.

Go to “My Account” and choose “View my member site” to see how it looks.


What is My "Account"?

My Account consists of all your available options to manage your membership:

  • Dashboard
  • Update my info
  • Update your contacts
  • Change password
  • Edit template    
  • View my member site
  • Logout


What is the "Dashboard" and how do I use it?

Dashboard is found in “My Account”.  In your Dashboard you have the following areas that you can change:

  • Settings
  • Membership Info (update your profile, share a referral, view contacts)
  • Deal Checker ( join/edit)
  • Classified Ads (place, search or edit)
  • View your favorite ad

(Note: for security reasons there is a 30 minute time limit and then your session will time out. Remember to save before this happens)


What does my Alberta On-Line Directory (upgraded) membership do for me?

Your membership allows you to create your own custom membership page and perform self-updates to change the content of your page. 

It allows you to list your membership page in up to 5 different classifications.  Giving you five times the exposure!

As an upgraded member you are able to place Deal Checker listings and Classified ads

You are able to create an unlimited number of Deal Checker pages, either category or city, per upgraded membership page.

You also get to choose which email notifications to be sent to you


What does my Alberta On-Line membership number do for me?

Your membership number allows you to refer others for membership. For each referral that becomes a paid member both you and the referred member will receive a one month extension on your paid memberships.


How do I pay for my Alberta On-Line membership?

Payment is easy. 

Use the secure link to go to Pay Pal and follow the prompts.

You can also use your own credit card through Pay Pal.


How secure is payment?

Very secure.

It is through Pay Pal. The most trusted name in on-line payments.


How do I create more than one Alberta On-Line membership page?

Go to the log in page and select “Create an account”. Fill in the required fields and you are done. 

Please note that each membership page needs a different email address. Your email address is how we identify each member page on the site.


How do I register for notifications?

After you have created a visitor profile or upgraded membership, choose the notifications that you wish to receive. 

Go to your “Dashboard” and under “Settings” choose the “yes” option and choose your key words or phrases .

You can change your mind at any time and be removed from any/all of the notification lists.


What is the cost for notifications?

Nothing! All notifications are free!


Can I cancel the notification option?

Yes, at any time!


How do I change my Alberta On-Line membership classification?

Go to your “Dashboard”. 

Then go to “Membership Info” and choose “Update Profile”. 

Go to “Categories” and choose “Change Categories”. Here you can add or remove categories or choose to make your membership page a Featured Business in the category of your choice (note: a fee does apply for listing as a featured listing).


Can I change my Alberta On-Line membership page template?


Go to “My Account” and choose “Edit Template” and make any desired changes.


How do I search the site?

Basic Search:

Located at the top header of Directory, Classifieds and Deal Checker is the “Basic search” with key word and category search fields.  

The basic search pulls classifieds and member listings from your geographical location. 

(To search outside of your location use Advanced Search or change your location on the top header)

For Deal Checker the basic search pulls results based on category and city.


Advanced Search: 

Advanced search is located on the upper right hand side of the site header.  

Choosing Advanced Search allows you to do a more detailed search of Classifieds and Member Directory listings.

Fill in one or more input fields to be as detailed on your search as you want to.  It also allows you to search areas outside your geographical area by choosing the city you wish to search.

Leaving the location blank will expand your search to include the entire site.


How do I view an Alberta On-Line member's full membership page?

Go to the “Directory” page and choose a member from one of the categories.

Click on the member’s page and the full membership page will be displayed.

Going to the bottom of each membership page will allow you to view their Classified listings and Deal Checker pages if they have any.


What do I do if I forget my password?

Click on the “forgot password” and a password reset will be sent to you by email.

Use the new password to reset with your chosen one.


How do I become one of the “Featured Five”?

Go to your “Dashboard” and under “Membership Info” choose “Update Profile”.

The scroll down to “Categories” and choose “Change Categories”.  

A screen showing your chosen categories will appear. Under “Feature” choose 3, 6 or 12 months and click “Buy”.  This will take you to the payment screen.

You can also change the categories that your membership page is listed in by adding or removing category changes.

Note: Make any changes to categories prior to choosing to make them featured. Otherwise you will lose the featured ad for the category you no longer are a part of.


What is the cost of becoming one of the “Featured Five”?

The cost of becoming a featured five listing is $25.00 per month per listing.


What is the Waitlist for the “Featured Five”?

The Featured Five is limited to 5 spots per classification.  The waitlist will notify you by email once one of the spots becomes available. 


How do I manage my account?

Go to My Account and choose one of the seven options.


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